Bucket List

I’m a list maker. I’ve always been. Daily, I have a “listmania” to-do list. It keeps me focused, something as a head-in-my-head artist I need to keep me from meandering from writing desk to art studio to farm bed without much production happening. As I’ve grown older, I’ve found that a bucket list is a great “life list” to work towards dreams and goals, too. It also allows us to get to know one another better. Here’s my said bucket list (in no particular order). It’s here for easy reference for me, mostly; but, if it inspires you, great. This page/list will be updated as I add to it or things crossed off as I achieve such dream/goal. What’s on your bucket list?

Casz’s Bucket List:

  1. Have a novel traditionally published
  2. Self-publish a full-length book
  3. Tour Scotland with my honey
  4. Go to Beltane Festival at Stonehenge
  5. Motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina with my honey
  6. Set up a safe, self-contained Adult Autism community that provides structured employment through the arts and food-growing while having sheltered housing, and visiting/on-site medical care
  7. renovate my house (new paint, new fence, expand living room, expand patio, build greenhouse, water barrels and system, solar power, hot tub patio, smoke house, new mailbox, carport converted into shop for husband)
  8. Take a cruise to Alaska with my honey
  9. Take the kids to New Hogwarts Theme Park
  10. Set up a college scholarship for a female veteran who wants to study creative writing
  11. Learn to do a handstand via yoga practice
  12. Be able to stand up and sit down without using my hands
  13. Visit my friends in New Zealand
  14. Do New Year’s Eve with my honey at the Glass Art Museum at the Foot of the Space Needle
  15. Sail the world with my honey.
  16. Visit Silkeborg Museum
  17. Do Krampus Lauf in Europe with my Viking.