Those who do also provide teaching link soup…

I am very excited about the upcoming months. I am teaching a slew of workshops in my little community.  See here – Memoirs, Muse Cooking and Just For Teens. If you know anyone who is in the Greater Seattle Area that might be interested, please do spread the word. I thank you in advance. 😀

I haven’t heard yet if I have any students. I hope so. If not, I won’t give up.

I’m going to do some non-fiction stuff for SnoValley Writes! work session this Sunday.

And I am going to completely rewrite a short story and submit it to Glimmer Train by Jan. 31.

There’s something about homework that is necessary, too.

I must also not forget to work on the next episode of Martius Catalyst.

Why this busy beaver writing work all in one weekend?  Because as of July, I will be at minimum going to part-time on The Soul-Sucking Day Job (aka TSSDJ). If the agency does not allow me to job share with the other specialist that works part-time. Then I will be making a huge jump to full-time freelance. My doctor even said, “You must reduce your stress.” She also said I needed to reduce my waistline. That’s a different post. But I’m working on that, too.  Yuki is making me.

I have been boosted by so many folks giving me encouragement from my writing group, to my college classmates, or my Detroit brothers and  sisters and even my new found Seattle family.

All of this and its my beloved’s 43rd birthday today. We do the big celebration with the family tomorrow; but, we did go for a nice long walk today with Yuki and get a nice cup of coffee — just the two of us. Simple things. It all makes it worth while.

Do note the change in the title of the Blog. You can all thank my newfound and very supportive friend, Janaya for it.  Thank you my friend. You are an artist and a scholar. Thanks for shining a light in a corner of my mind that needed illumination.

I  must also give thanks to the gentleman Logan Lo for his kudos and encouragement. I am sending apps for writer-in-residence. I will keep everyone updated.


4 responses to “Those who do also provide teaching link soup…”

  1. 😀 I love you. You are going to have such an amazing year! I am proud of you for leaping.

    1. I hope you’ve got a little psychic in you. Loving the sunshine today, it’s really fueling my desire to make it work!

  2. It’s nice to be thought of kindly!

    Did you submit to the Amazon Writing Contest? I decided to submit my manuscript after all; I’ll never think it’s done so I figured I should just do it. If nothing else, it’ll prod me to start sending it to agents…

    1. I didn’t submit this year — but I’m mentoring folks in my writing group (SnoValley Writes!) are doing it. I did do it last year and made it through until the last cut. /boo. But I didn’t have a manuscript quite ready this year. It’s all about school right now (finishing and trying to decide if I’m going to go for my Masters, as well as making more bank on my Freelance stuff. 😀 Thanks again for your support. Good luck in ABNA! I’ll have to go look for your stuff (what’s the title?)!

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