What Did You Write Today?

Free-Range Fiction Continues 3-11-22

Note: I will return to the Tudor Mountain Lounge next week. I was asked to do a poem based on the state of the world. Ukraine is very much on my mind. I find it particularly synchronistic as I am researching patriarchal lineage that goes back to these areas of conflict. But I’ll let the poem do the talking.

Once more a madman has the world by the throat

Once more we try to stop death with words

And once more the madman continues to gloat

Stomping out more lives and others made absurd

Our planet has been here before, and yet again

A genoicide is broadcast in our living room

Whilst those who want truth to Rain

Are shut down, prison sentences loom

Those of us with hearts rooted in peace

Cry out for those whose voices lie in rubble

But Meta Capitalists take blood money with increase

To create a megaphone for propaganda redouble

What to do, what to do? The leaders hands wring

Meanwhile the attacked nation’s leader stands true

Tells what his people, his country shall cling

I need ammunition, not a ride; a backup crew

But nukes, but nukes! The true fear arrives due course

Suddenly A Cold War Generation Ex-cuses afford

New peacekeeping missions already outsourced

Yet those blue beret missions fully ignored

So we wait. We watch. We dig our nails in prayerful hands

For once more, once more, we’re on the brink

Of losing it all to one madman’s command

The end result too horrendous to think

So while we paint icons of blue and yellow

A record of what side of history we reside

A hospital’s crumbling ruin hosts babies bellows

And yet we hold the words our cowardice hides


2 responses to “What Did You Write Today?”

  1. Powerful. Thanks.

  2. Wow! Thought provoking.

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