Yoga Every Day: A New Project

While wasting too much time on the internet recently, I came across a video I had seen before, but watched again for it is pure inspiration and incredibleness. Here it is so you have a reference point:

Never Give Up.

After watching it again, and I have seen this innumerable times, I wondered why I had abandoned my yoga practice. My mostly daily meditations (I’m not David Lynch yet), were continuing, but the physical part of yoga I had abandoned.

Then I moved away from that distraction onto Instagram. What can I say? I couldn’t sleep. That’s when I saw @runswithdoggs’ (aka Sarah) fabulousness of doing yoga every day and sharing her journey with the world. And my thoughts just went from there. Why wasn’t I doing yoga? My answer:  No one was holding me accountable. My self accountability only goes so far, apparently. More reasons:  I felt claustrophobic at my local studio anymore because many more folks in my small valley community had discovered the great instructors and space, too. Also, I had injured myself and then just never went back after I got better (see above reasons). Last, but not least, #LifewithAutism hit and I needed to concentrate on getting some stability with that situation. Therefore, Yoga took a back seat.

Next I wanted to know why I always kept coming back to yoga, why I was worried about stopping. Those answers were easy:  I want to live to see 100, because clearly it will take me that long to do all the things I want to do in life.

Before I knew it all this thinking was helping me give birth to a new focus in my life, a challenge, a goal, a project towards health: Yoga Every Day.

What does that mean? I’m attempting to do Yoga every day. Not the flow yoga of the studio where I was attending, but just concentrating on one or a couple of poses every day and fitting it in. I’ll either post a video or a photo every day. Don’t necessarily expect a long blog to accompany it, just a few notes on how I’m feeling about it, where I need to work, etc.  By this time next year I hope to be able to visually prove an increase in flexibility, strength, and grace. Oh, and likely living longer.

Below is my “baseline” video. I sat down and wrote out goals that I want to do and chief among them is to be able to stand up without using my hands from a sitting position on the floor. Please, please, don’t laugh. I’m being honest, real, and am vulnerable in presenting you the real me with no filters and hiding nothing.  No one should ever receive criticism for that.  I had the settings wrong and therefore can’t edit this particular video. I suppose my video skills and photography skills will get better as I do this over the next year. The quality isn’t the best and this likely isn’t the best place to do this, but this is what I could do today. I didn’t want to wait because I felt like it was no or never. I’m out of shape. I understand that. You don’t have to call me fat or ugly or any of that nonsense. I’m my own worst critic. But it’s easy to see why I NEED to do this. Without further ado…

Yoga Every Day, Casz’s New Project

Feel free to join me, post photos of your own as well. I’ll likely crosspost the photos on Instagram, so feel free to follow me there (@mamacasz).

Take care of yourself.



3 responses to “Yoga Every Day: A New Project”

  1. I just finally had enough time to sit down and catch up my blog reading. (sick kiddo at home) First off, thank you so much for the love! It means the world to me that I helped inspire someone. Sometimes I feel silly and overexposed when I post a lot. For as much as I post I’m kind of a private person. And Lord knows that I’m still learning and have along way to come in my yoga journey, so many of my posts are less-then-perfect. But it’s people like you…real people…who remind me that it’s ok. We can all go on this crazy journey together. The great thing about yoga is there is no right place to be. You simply have to be. It’s your body. All you have to do is listen to it.

    Anyway, rambling aside, I’m so excited to follow you along on your yoga journey! I’m glad you are starting again. I too took a long break (about 3 years) and wonder why I ever let it slip away.

    1. I’m happy that me being inspired has brought you some validation! Thank you again. 11 days strong (seems so miniscule, but every day closer to habit…)!

  2. […] I believe that I re-entered my yoga practice journey at the most serendipitous time. I’ve been so on edge as of late with all the stress that modern life can throw at you. If I wasn’t doing yoga, I think I may have held a real critical meltdown. It’s really helped me ground, refocus energies, and keep plodding forward. This week I seemingly avoided the straw that broke the camel’s back. However, into a camel is another goal, a short-term one compared to the long-term goal of sitting from standing and getting back up again without the use of my hands.  […]

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