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Tag: Terrible Minds

Free-Range Fiction: GREEN & BROWN IN RIVERLAND (Part II of 4-Part Story Challenge)

Follow Casz’s Fiction Farm on Below is my contribution to the second part of another writer’s story. In Italics is the original story by DangerDean. Regular text below is my contribution. Thanks Herr Wendig for the challenge, again. Danger Dean didn’t give it a title, so I’m calling it:…

Free-Range Fiction: Dog-and-Pony Show

Before he could get his lunch someone called for Attention. Those seated stood; those standing turned towards the sound of the command and assumed the position. In walked the post commander, the corps general, and Senator Joshua T. Williams (R-TX). Inside his head, Tinsley moaned an “Ah fuck.” He could smell the melted cheese which dripped from the side of his burger begin to burn on the grill.

The Comrade Within

The cigarette pushes some of the ennui I had been feeling in my hotel room out of my head and onto the bar. I watch it scramble down the shellacked wooden surface and plop itself into the Rob Roy of an old man sitting there. His wrinkled faced doesn’t look like it could stand anymore discontent. I raise my beer bottle to him in sympathy, but I’m not feeling compassion. No, it’s better him than me. Maybe he’ll find his own drug. Maybe the maraschino cherry in his drink will take its stem and choke the ennui runaway.