INKSTER Dispatch: INCOMING Published!

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51HQtUkfh+L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Inkster here. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to have a dispatch. But good news some days is few and far between. Publishing is a slow business. It is what it is. However, today we shall all shout:  Huzzah! For we have good news in Casz’s writing life. She’s been included in an anthology produced by So Say We All. The title:  INCOMING – Veteran Writers on Returning Home is now available on Amazon.

Page 42 includes Casz’s piece TOMATOES INSTEAD OF A PARADE.

As always the best thing you can do to support Casz is to order the book, read, and then leave a review.

Thanks to those who notified Casz of the call for submissions for this project, to Justin Hudnall for loving the piece and being the stalwart backbone that made this little anthology dream into a reality.

There’s more news about this, but it’s hush-hush right now.  So stay tuned here for an announcement soon. (P.S. the subscription button is fixed, so feel free to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss the news.)

Writers are Readers Rebellion Supply Chain

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“In a society that promotes conformity; novel-reading – one person experiencing both the mind of another person and her own mind experiencing – is a subversive force.” ~ Jane Smiley, from “13 Ways of Looking at the Novel.”

The above is a passage I’ve been ruminating about for about 13 days now. Ms. Smiley’s book is my bathroom book. What? You don’t’ have a bathroom book? Heck, I’ve got a book in every room in my home, another in my car, always one in my purse, and both my desks host a book of their own, as well.

Regardless, I’ve been reading 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel” for more than a year now. I repeatedly reread sections and focus meditation on the ideas within it. The idea in the quote above really has penetrated me as not only a reader, but as a writer, too.  In short, being a novel reader is being a rebel. As a writer, I am the supply chain for these intellectual societal rebels.

That is so effing cool! I just can’t stop thinking about it. It makes me think back to when I was in the Army and I was assigned to the United Nations Protection Force in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Part of our mission was simply monitoring the border, reporting on activity and looking out for smugglers along the border between FYROM and Serbia. Those of us watching saw a lot of barrels of oil and probably bullets go over that border on the backs of donkeys. It was the rebels supply chain. My writing is just like those oil barrels. I just need a donkey to take the supplies to the rebel bases.

When I switch my hat to reader-only, I have to smile still at that statement by Ms. Smiley. Imagine an army of authors feeding into your rebellion. Such thoughts are complete enablers to my bibliophile tendencies.

Is it any wonder that the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword” (or RPG, for that matter) is so elegantly true?

Course that begs the question, why aren’t’ more teenagers reading books? I think I need a bumper sticker:  “Be A Rebel! Read A Book!”

But first I need to figure out where my donkey is.


4.26.10 – The debate over the publishing industry…

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I think like every new medium, it’s a matter of balance. Honestly, I think these devices have opened up even more opportunities for authors and writers and the entire industry. That’s not to say that I prefer the Kindle or iPad to a good ol’ fashion book. People need to remember that you can’t take those electronic devices on the beach or in the tub with you…well, I mean you could. But, it’s a hazard, or course. So, it’s about reaching a new audience and then balanacing resources. I’ll have more to say on balance later tonight. Stay tuned.