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Book Review: Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer

ACCEPTANCE, Book 3 in THE SOUTHERN REACH TRILOGY.  By Jeff VanderMeer Farrar, Straus and Giroux, NY, 2014 5/FIVE STARS. ***** If you haven’t read the entire Southern Reach Triology, you need to get on it. Now. This is a series, … Continue reading

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We interrupt National Poetry Month for a Social Experiment

My friend Jacqueline Fedyk is amazing. She’s a visual artist, musician, writer, tea connoisseur and all around delight to be around. Right now she’s in the midst of a very cool project, a social experiment, if you will. She has a … Continue reading

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Free-Range Fiction: Dragons Dressing Down

Ya missed me, right? I know you missed me. I missed doing this. Trying as part of 2013 to get back into the swing of posting some flash fiction at least once a week. Like Myke Cole told me on … Continue reading

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Free-Range Fiction: Dog-and-Pony Show

Before he could get his lunch someone called for Attention. Those seated stood; those standing turned towards the sound of the command and assumed the position. In walked the post commander, the corps general, and Senator Joshua T. Williams (R-TX). Inside his head, Tinsley moaned an “Ah fuck.” He could smell the melted cheese which dripped from the side of his burger begin to burn on the grill. Continue reading

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In a writing dream she was born; today is its birthday

Today is my anniversary. It is my anniversary of jumping off the cliff and building my wings on the way down (thank you, Mr. Bradbury). One year ago today was the first day that I lived life as writing-centric. Within … Continue reading

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