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To Support or Not Support GenCon2015, that is the ?

Ever since the passing of Indiana’s new “Religious Freedom Reformation Act” law allowing for discrimination based on religious belief (e.g. I won’t sell you a cake because you are homosexual and that goes against my religion), I’ve watched many a … Continue reading

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Free-Range Fiction: Flash-Fiction Challenge (Pt. 3): ‘Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening’

This is part three of the four-part story flash fiction challenge Herr Wendig over at Terribleminds put fourth nearly three weeks ago now. This story was started by Peter MacDonald and continued by Richard (aka PoorDick) from just over the … Continue reading

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Free-Range Fiction: Collaborative Storytelling, Part II SPOILED BACON

I’ve been really pushing myself to do these exercise the Herr Wendig set out for us. It’s been helpful in getting the juices going and practicing character development, continuity, and plot arc. Those active in this challenge are trying hard … Continue reading

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Free-Range Fiction: GREEN & BROWN IN RIVERLAND (Part II of 4-Part Story Challenge)

Below is my contribution to the second part of another writer’s story. In Italics is the original story by DangerDean. Regular text below is my contribution. Thanks Herr Wendig for the challenge, again. Danger Dean didn’t give it a title, … Continue reading

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Free-Range Fiction: I’ll Take Monday

If you’re here, you’re here because you are linking back from Chuck Wendig’s site and his Flash Fiction Challenge as of Feb. 6, 2015, The Four-Part Story (Part I). Okay, you might be here because you read my blog regularly. If … Continue reading

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