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Write Life: Self publishing does not mean self-editing

  My write life went through a whole lot of ups and downs this past week. First thing Monday morning, there was a rejection hiding in my email. On the up side, that evening, I got to meet Jeff VanderMeer, … Continue reading

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Free-Range Fiction: Dragons Dressing Down

Ya missed me, right? I know you missed me. I missed doing this. Trying as part of 2013 to get back into the swing of posting some flash fiction at least once a week. Like Myke Cole told me on … Continue reading

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Free-Range Fiction: Tattoo Pairs

This is my piece in response to Chuck Wendig’s weekly challenge. This week’s “A Second Game of Aspects” pitted a list of sub-genre, setting, and element for our wily dice to choose for us. My roll garnered me:  Ghost Story, Paris 1944, … Continue reading

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It’s Just Story – Don’t Label It Anything Else

But, the bottom line is that most writers I know, including myself, just want to write what we write. We don’t want to fit into little boxes. Continue reading

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Free-Range Fiction: Dog-and-Pony Show

Before he could get his lunch someone called for Attention. Those seated stood; those standing turned towards the sound of the command and assumed the position. In walked the post commander, the corps general, and Senator Joshua T. Williams (R-TX). Inside his head, Tinsley moaned an “Ah fuck.” He could smell the melted cheese which dripped from the side of his burger begin to burn on the grill. Continue reading

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