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Tanner’s Landing is available now!

I promised it would arrive this year and here we are. Sure, right up against the end of the year, but I was more concerned with making sure the story was solid and delightful. I’m very pleased with the final production and hope you are as well. Some folx caught my soft launch about a week ago via social media and already have the book in their hands. Hope you will as well very soon.

C.J. and Janey not only learn more about Stinky in Tanner’s Landing: An Echo Falls Story Book II, but expand their group of friends by one with the arrival of Max, Sebastian’s nephew, to Echo Falls. Readers will also see an expanded universe beyond Echo Falls, as Max brings not only friendship, but a serial-killing ghost to the sleepy mountain town.

Tanner’s Landing is available via amazon as a paperback or Kindle edition.

Given the continuing pandemic, there will be no live launch either in North County or the Snoqualmie Valley. This means that reviews and the like are even more important for the success of this tome. I humbly ask that if you purchase, read, and love the book, you take a moment and provide a review.

Thanks for sticking out this journey with me, and know that work on Rattlesnake Ridge, Book III is in the works already. Like any author, the more love I receive for Tanner’s Landing, the faster the next installment appears. 😉

Happy New Year all! May the weird in life bring you friends and excitement!

Writing Update

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Two Books Coming in 2020

One path is blocked, while another opens…

Wow, just as we were hitting our stride in 2020, working towards finishing writing projects and more, editing was paused because of wildfires, and then Covid-19. A global pandemic has had its way with us for most of this year and it’s been hard to move forward.

But as of today we have forward movement and I still believe that we’ll have not only TANNER’S LANDING be released this year; but, also WHEN A RAVEN PECKS OUT YOUR NORMAL — a stand-alone literary fiction novel.

I know that most folks are excited for my Scooby-Do meets X-files gang of Echo Falls misfits to continue; but, I have to say I’m super proud of my growth as a writer and how ‘RAVEN’ will show that. Also, my daughter’s art is going to grace this work. As for Tanner’s Landing you’ll still get to see work from Leslie Nan Moon throughout; but, the story is the star — at least I hope you’ll think so.

In addition to the birth of the books, Ye Ol’ Hubby and I are working hard to create a new home-base of operations where even more creating can be done. So stay tuned for those developments as well. If all goes well, that front door pictured above will be my front door soon.

I hope that you’re staying safe throughout all of this and are taking advantage of more reading with your favorite beverage time. If you can do it outside in the wild, even better.

Clearing the Cobwebs & Seeing 2020 Clearly

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One of the amazing things I did last year that kept me from writing…

Happy 2020!

Reflecting on the last year, there’s not much to show for it here on my blog, but that’s because it’s easy to see that 2019 was a year of transition, a year of change, a year of growth, and a season of sacrifice. All of it to bring me to this point where I recognize that all I want is to creatively produce and I don’t have to limit myself, but I do have to be disciplined about it.

2019 saw me writing more than I had since 2017, when Wilderness Rim first hit the streets. The second in the series, Tanner’s Landing, is with beta readers currently and will be out this spring — hopefully sooner rather than later, barring any cover art gremlins, which I plan to post about in due time.

And if you’ve been following me at least on social media, you are well aware that The Viking (my term of endearment for my husband) bought a blue-water sailboat, sold our house, and bought an RV, all in the span of 2019. We now live the life of constant travelers, albeit keeping the Cascade Foothills as our home of record. Those events, all done with a goal to live a life on our own terms had some major impacts on my creative output and helped fuel the fire that is my 2020 resolution to create, produce, and move forward with making art and more importantly making it a priority in my life.

At one point I used this blog to keep myself accountable. I hope to do that again this year.

Typing that sentence above, I recognize that I am setting myself up for a big fall if I don’t do what I set out to do. Yep, that’s the whole point. I can’t let others expectations or what the “experts” say I should and shouldn’t do interfere with MY creative process. I have to keep true to what I know works for me and just keep moving forward, no matter the speed — sometimes fast, sometimes slow. It’s the speed I need it to be. Blog posts may come slowly, they may come quickly. Edits may come easily, or they may come painfully. Publishing may come swiftly, or it may stall. Regardless, I’m going to keep focusing, refocusing, and keeping my inner radar on the prize that is just creating.

On Monday I said I’d do this blog post, and woo! Here we are. Not too shabby for someone trying to edit books, produce videos, paint, and exploring constantly. Now if I could just figure out how to get the dogs to make lunch so I could keep being creative.

What’s your creativity goal for 2020?

I Swear, It’s Coming: Tanner’s Landing, Echo Falls Book Two

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Facebook has this great way of reminding us of things. It’s probably the one thing about it that I’ve started to like best and why now I’m really only posting good benchmarks over on that social media platform. “Memories” reminded me that people are waiting for the next book in my Echo Falls series. 

I’m here to tell you it’s getting close. We had planned originally in October of 2017 to have the next one out, but plot bunnies had different ideas. But, the final editing is coming to a close and hopefully by October 2018, you’ll get to find out what happens next to C.J., Janey, and, of course Stinky.

As before, the fabulous art of Leslie Moon will grace the cover of TANNER’S LANDING: ECHO FALLS BOOK TWO.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? You need to check out Wilderness Rim first.