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Here’s a list of blogs I follow regularly. Check back periodically. I will make additions (hopefully, I won’ t have to remove…). These are listed in no particular order.

Tonya Fraser

Writers Worth

Sheri J. Kennedy

Aaron Detroit

Chuck Wendig

Jacquelyn Fedyk

Logan Lo

Neil Gaiman

Caitlin R. Kiernan

Michelle Goodman

Nathan Bransford

Charlie Huston

Christa Faust

Jeff Vandermeer

Jennie Shortridge

Christina Katz

Cherie Priest

Amber Kizer

Elizabeth Bear

Nick Mamatas

Catherynne M. Valente

Kelly R. Morgan

Tommia Wright

Linda Garcia

Myke Cole

Jay Lake









  1. […] spent some time all alone at Seabrook in a tiny cottage while I taught myself, with my editor, Casondra Brewster’s suggestions, how to write a book. That was about five full drafts ago. But when I wasn’t […]

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