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In addition to her personal fiction writing, Casondra Brewster is a self-employed penmonkey. What does that mean? It means she supports her writing life with freelance gigs of professional writing, editing, book doctoring, teaching, and other business communication contracts. Like many creative types, she compartmentalizes her different projects. Casondra calls these labors her “Creative Word Lab” work. If you’re interested in her services, please feel free to contact her at casz(at)creativewordlab(dot)com.

Here’s a few people who are happy about Casondra’s work:

Casondra Brewster is a phenomenal editor. I’ve had experience with a few editors now and she was by far the most professional, approachable and thorough. Her detailed edits helped remove redundancies and echoing. Her questions and advice gave me deeper insight into my characters and improved the story’s flow. My money was well spent and I wouldn’t hesitate to ask her to edit another manuscript.” ~ Thomas Alexander, author, Mistress of the Dancing Bones. 

“Casondra Brewster helped motivate, manage, and edit my manuscript while giving me accountability to finish a draft. I recommend her services.” ~Toby Van Bryce, University of San Francisco MFA Creative Writing

I have been working with Casondra Brewster, Creative Word Lab for close to two years now. From writing Training materials, Contracts, Power Point and Social Media/Blogging.  She has been wonderful to work with and has helped grow my business tremendously.  Her writing skills are exceptional.  I recommend her work to everyone needing any type of media.” ~ Tamara Anderson, Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring™

“Casondra Brewster has brought me from a story-teller to an author. Her understanding of current formatting and grammar trends, along with conscientious attention to detail gives me the confidence my manuscript is clean, correct and ready to publish. More importantly, she provides excellent guidance on tightening my writing to strengthen impact and is willing to give tough love to push an author to excellence. When she signs on to a project, she commits to its success and to the success of its writer.” ~Sheri J. Kennedy, aka Kennedy J. Quinn, Fantasy Author

“Several years ago I joined the writers’ group that Casondra Brewster founded, Snoqualmie Valley Writes.  She has been a source of inspiration for me and for many other writers in our region.  She is a boundless source of energy and optimism, and she has built a group that is strong and cohesive.  Casondra has given the members the courage to work on their writings and to strive to get them published.  She has provided critiques of writing and guidance in the craft.  In my own case she helped me with a story I had written about a man in a combat situation.  Casondra has had years of experience in the military, and she corrected many errors I had made in describing the types of vehicles, the use of modern weapons, and the interactions of soldiers and officers.  The result was a much stronger story.  In my own case I can definitely say that Casondra is the reason why I have continued to write.” ~David S. Moore, author

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