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I read a lot of blogs about writing.  I share what I learn with my writing group, but I haven’t been too good about sharing it with my readers here.  Noting it here is a great way for me to reference them when I need them and give props where props are deserved.

What I’m reading this week:

Receiving Critiques (really good advice — and like I said above, some of the same I have given my own writing group)

Creative Everyday (Life is about creating yourself. Again, what I tell my fellow writers all the time).

Writer Diversions (When I’m taking myself way to seriously and should remember why I love what I do).

Getting Personal (Because Neil teaches all us writers to not be afraid to share our personal process and life with our readers)

I need some inspiration (This author who goes by various pen names has 47 books in 5 genres, I find her very inspirational).

Freelancers Must Read (aka – Non-Fiction Paychecks. Because Ms. Goodman helped put in perspective all the things I already knew about what I should be doing).

Because I love the weird and wild (Mr. Sterling epitomizes why science fiction and fantasy is so engaging).

My fav of all time (Ms. Kiernan details her life as an author and her writing process in such an intimate way you are smitten immediately).

So, tell me, what is your favorite writing-centered or creative-centered blog?

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