2011 – The Year of Living My Art

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The new year and a new decade are upon us. Bring on 2011, I think I’m ready.

A fellow student pal of mine said it’s a time for reweaving. I like that perspective. Reweaving. Time to undue the old fragments and freshly weave them for the new.

This past year taught me that I’m fairly disciplined, but need to be even more disciplined if I’m to have the dream job of staying afloat alone by the words I compose. I also realized that when I have a schedule and stick to it, I’m more productive. I am not a soul who can float from day to day without a clear goal in sight. My life partner gifted me “A Working Writer’s Daily Planner 2011…” I shall stay organized as far as writing goes. Oh yes, I shall. Given that I return to classes to finish my Arts & Literature degree requires that I stay focused. Just two to three more semesters and the beloved sheepskin will be mine. Another notch towards the dream goal life.

For 2011, that will be my goal, I’m using the energy of the new year to gain new momentum and push myself even further.

I’m starting my new year just a few days earlier, too. I thought it wise to give myself a jump start. I made a short story submission to a literary magazine and I’m working on a manuscript to submit for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and for the first time ever, I’m going to apply for a writer-in-residence program. I’m nervous and excited and only a tad bit terrified. The terror is dampened by the promise by my spouse – not only my best friend in life, but a best friend to my writing life – not to desert me ala Marta Becket’s husband did in 1983, just as she was realizing her dream art life. “I promise to stick by my crazy artist wife,” he said to me today. What a gift. In return, I promise to pursue my truth and my art until my dying breath. Perhaps we can seal that deal with a trip down to the Amargosa Opera House?

Tell me your plans and goals for 2011!

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