Harvest Creations: Faux Pho – Trying on the Wendig Kitchen Mits

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Anyone who reads my blog knows that I read Chuck Wendig’s blog. His writing advice, love of great adult beverages presented in comfortable-for-this-old-soldier language coupled with a few parenting insights and yummy recipes make his blog one of my top five go-to’s each and every day.

He posted a recipe not too long ago and I happened to be struggling with a narsty Spring bug. Pho or its Chinese sister Hot Sour are always welcome when the snot monster and comfort-food siren comes a calling.

You can find his recipe here.

I was lucky enough to be able to use mint leaves, cilantro, parsley, and green onions from my own garden.  This recipe makes me want to grow my own ginger, too. YUM.

This was fun to do and not hard. I highly recommend you try this out, too.

The second time I made this I used thin sliced portobellos because this carnivore seems to not do too well with the animal products any more. It was just as, if not more satisfying. But I didn’t take pictures that time.

Regardless, this recipe is kick-ass and doesn’t include some of the stuff I don’t really like about Beef Pho ( you know that intestinal grossness!). So Faux Beef Pho, gets four thumbs up around here. And The substitution of Portobellos in the second-go-round:  Fabulousness!

Here’s photos on how mine turned out:

Love in a Bowl - Friday Wendig Faux Pho








Make extra roasted vegetables because they are that yummy. Especially the roasted ginger.



GoChujiang Sauce is from the gods. We have a new favorite Asian Hot Sauce.























Cilantro and Green Onions from the Garden. Now I want to grow Ginger.











"Also: add a single bay leaf to the stock. Why? Because fuck you, that’s why." I did.











Flank Steak For The Win










Don't precook these bad boys. Just throw them in the pot and soak 'em up. As Wendig said, "“Absorb deliciousness” sounds like the mandate of an insane kitchen robot. “ABSORB DELICIOUSNESS,” the Dalek Sous Chef screams!"










"Now comes the thing that really helps to seal the faux pho deal. The condiments."


















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