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Illuminating Blogger Award

I received an email this morning that I had been nominated by fellow writer, Sheri J. Kennedy, via the  Now if you haven’t seen Sheri’s blog RIVERSIDE you need to put it on your RSS feed, Blog Roll, Google Reader, et al. Her art — both visual and words is fabulous.  I want to be more like her when not only my writing, but my person grows up. In the meantime, I’m humbled and honored by her nomination.

Funny this came on the heels of a theme of conversations I had over the course of last week on whether or not people pay attention to the work we artists put out over our blogs. What is really the benefit — save a bit of personal sanity — of putting these words, images, thoughts, ideas (and for many of us, recipes) into the digital realm. At this point, I can’t not do it and the other artists and writers I conferred with regarding this understood that our blogs, the internet, facebook, is one of the best tools ever available in the history of humankind, especially to the creative creatures we are.

When I was a young lass, baking with my mother during the holidays was both a much loved and much dreaded occasion. I loved the feeling of accomplishment of getting there — eating the cookies, pies and cakes we beat, rolled, and coaxed into existence. But, the process sometimes was grueling and frustrating — a juggling act of timing. But I know that my mother expressed her love and gave to us what she could through these baking sessions. Knowing that when I post my Harvest Creations here — both literary and worldly — I’m conscious of the passion and love behind them.  I think there is power in food preparations and the stories surrounding those activities throughout all of history are some of the best. Therefore, I know I’ll keep making my own — recipes and stories alike.

As part of the nomination process for this award, I am to nominate five other people. I have dozens and dozens of blogs that I follow. So the choice of who else to say “look you light up my blogging world” is tough, of course.

But decisions, always, must be made. My nominees are:


SHERI J. KENNEDY RIVERSIDE:  Sheri’s posts always remind me to live in the here and now and appreciate the grace of life right in front of me.

Avant Garde In My Backyard:  You need to be watching this fabulous artist. She has an eye and a mind that fascinates, pushes your thoughts and your appreciation for that which is other.

Lyn Midnight Against The Odds:  For those of us who tip-toe on the darker side and whose brains are pelted with voices of character. Lyn gets it. She puts it into a perspective and allows a dialogue about the creativity we crave, need, and exist.

Gluten-Free Girl & The Chef:  My son has developed a gluten intolerance and as I age I don’t handle any wheat-based food very well. So, I turn to this site often for creative ideas.

The last nomination is probably a given for anyone who’s living as a writer as I am. But he also understands being a parent. Liking Whiskey. Oh, and cooking up food you want to not only eat, but sometimes just live in.

Chuck Wendig:  Terrible Minds is a terribly important blog for any creative sort. Quit effing around and get to it now.


Thanks for noticing — Sheri and all those who are keeping regular tabs on my little corner of the internet. Remember no one is going to notice if you’re not working it. So keep working it.



Thanks, Casz! We’re definitely listening out here, and for those times that it feels like we’re not, I came across a cool quote on ddivna’s blog today: ‘when you do something noble and beautiful and nobody notices, do not be sad. for the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.’ -john lennon

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