Brewing a Revolution

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My copy of the Farmer’s Almanac and my Witch’s Calendar both said last Thursday (May 17) was a harvesting day. I have found that the little Almanac and those that follow the old and/or neo-pagan ways know a little something about planting and harvesting days. It has served my little green thumb, and now urban farming efforts well.

My Chocolate-Mint Patch Ready for Harvesting

I had an overgrowth of herbs which could most certainly be harvested that day: mint, sage, thyme, oregano. Especially mint. I inherited this chocolate-mint variety. I honestly wish I had just spearmint or mint-julep mint. But that’s not what I got. So I make different things with this mint. The next big planter container I inherit I will plant regular, I’m-going-to-the-Kentucky-Derby-and-drinking-myself-until-my-hat-falls-on-the-floor mint. But for now:  chocolate-mint essential oil. My little essential oil brew makes such a very yummy, intimate massage oil. The last harvest of this before fall I will make chocolate-mint hot cocoa. But come back to my blog come October for that soulful comfort drink. For now, we’re not afraid to lick our hands after giving a massage with this stuff. Also, talk about a delightful, wake-you-up bath.

I harvested the mint, washed it thoroughly, and got the crock-pot to simmering for the oil. Then I realized my supply of bottles for the oil was down to one. This batch was going to require more than that. So, I had to run out to our local health-food/nutrition center. This isn’t like a super supplements place or a GNC. This is run by a couple of women, whom I suspect are not just tree-hugging old hippies, but maybe they clearly know about the moon cycles, best planting and harvesting days, as well as, ancient alchemy things. I always find the coolest things in this store – besides empty brown and blue bottles to put oils, salts or other herbal concoctions in.

I gathered the collection of bottles I needed and did my lap around the store to check out all the new and cool things they have – alongside the vitamins, supplements and soy powder stuffs – including some other little bottles I need to get for some talismans I want to make later this summer. It was a short but sweet respite from what has been one of THOSE weeks.

It's going to be a good year for Thyme.

I took my bottles to the counter and the lady was curious right away, “Oh what are you making?” So, I told her about my essential oils and that I was also drying herbs today.

“Yes, it’s a harvest day,” she said, without my prompting.

She asked me about what else I grew and where my land was located. We chatted about different uses for different plants and she made suggestions on some other things I could grow – which I may look into for next year. Somehow (it was probably me, but I’m uncertain) we got talking about how some of the natural remedies have been co-opted by the pharmaceutical companies and the GMO seeds and oh goodness, how we’ve gotten as a society too far away from the land (a theme from my book, INTERFACE, by the way).

Then she said, “Well, things will have to completely collapse before people understand again; but, you…” she paused and put her hand on my hand that was resting on the counter cradling my phone. “You have the fairies and angels all around you. You are brewing a revolution.”

Green and White and Water and...Yummmm...

I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to this so I just said, “I try. I’m trying. Thank you.”

For days now her words have echoed in my head:  Brewing A Revolution.

So what’s my revolution? I’m not sure entirely – it’s a mixed bag, for sure. That much I know. I know it lies somewhere between LGBTQ issues, mental health issues, healing our planet, class warfare, and the treatment of old warriors. Those themes show up in my stories repeatedly. They also are beginning to show themselves in my visual art that I’m doing. The things I’m making, creating, cooking up in my kitchen, to sell this summer at the Farmer’s Market and the various “fairs” my community supports. I sketched a design for a glass bottle I’m going to paint that for some reason reminds me of warfare on a molecular level. If I actually paint that, I’ll post it here. However, it’s been a reminder that my writing, perhaps, has a goal outside of just getting published (a rather myopic focus I’ve had for too many months). Social Justice writing was a theme of my senior synthesis. Write Up! I told my peers. Perhaps it’s time I took my own words to heart. I’d like to thank that herbal shop keeper for the reminder.

For now, as a new story percolates, I’m still brewing essential oils and trying to figure out what names the fairies in my yard might call themselves. The words will come as I finish, I know.

What revolution are you perhaps brewing? What stories from your life (books, articles or poems you’ve read) have cause action in your life. Tell me. Inspire me more.


Brewing a Revolution & Essential Oils At the Same Time.

I love when something a person says sticks with you like this. I may not farm much more than flowers and the occasional tomato plant, but I love my Farm Market, and love reading about yours. Keep brewing.

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