It’s great to be on Goodreads: Let’s talk about books and authors and awards and….

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I just added the link on my Crop Dusting the Web page for my Goodreads profile.  I resisted getting involved in another online community/presence; however, Goodreads is just what this bibliophile’s soul needed. I have struggled with wondering if I should include a separate section of my website here that highlighted my love of books, reviews, even author interviews. I may eventually do that down the road, but for now, Goodreads is fulfilling that inclination.

Today I just posted my review of Jonathan Evison’s WEST OF HERE, which I feel is starting to legitimize my presence on Goodreads. There are so many books I’ve read that deserve the same treatment and eventually I will update my Goodreads library to reflect the breadth of my actual library.

Currently, I’m reading the last of the Phillip K. Dick nominees in preparation for the award ceremony on April 6 at NorWesCon 35.  For those that know me well, Mr. Dick is one of my favorite authors. Ever. I dream one day of being on this nominee list and maybe even earning the award.

In the meantime, leave me a note here if you’re planning on going to NorWesCon 35. Also, won’t you come friend me over on Goodreads? Recommend some books you think I ought to read in my goal to secure this award. If you’re a writer, tell me what literary award you’d like bestowed upon your work one day?


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