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I’m going to be throwing my proverbial hat into the craziness in throughout the month of April called Script Frenzy, brought to you from the same folks that bring you National Novel Writing Month. I’ve had some great success in pushing myself during NaNoWriMo, so I thought I’d give Script Frenzy a try.

I waffled for a bit on whether or not to do it. With information like this and this, or even this out in the greater world wide web, it makes you think no matter what it’s a fool’s dance. But, I also read this little list by one of my favorite bloggers and writers, Chuck Wendig. I especially like his point in his post 10 Things You Should Know About Writing Screenplays

A novel is a finished product. A film is a finished product. A screenplay is just a blueprint. It’s just a template. You’re creating the possibility of a film, not the final product. Let that free you.”

Those words did free me to say, “Yes!” With an embarrassing 18 unpublished manuscripts completed I know without a doubt I can finish a novel, but just to write 100 pages of blueprint. Damn, I know I can do that. In the process, I know I’ll learn something and perhaps gain a new writing skill.

So the idea for this project came to me in a dream – like many of my ideas do. I did a little research yesterday for it – getting some scene imagery and faces in my head for the actual writing process; I wrote a small premise sheet and figured out it is that its genre is a complete smashup and I’m okay with that:  Psychological Military Fantasy Horror Thriller. Yeah. I know, right?

Today, I did a bit of formatting and meta docs into Scrivener (oh man how I love that program!) and realized this little story is shaping up to be Apocalypse Now meets Nightmare on Elm Street.

Another plus? I have to kill a bunch of folks in this story. Everyone who’s been pissing me off in recent history will be cannon fodder in this script.

Yeah, I’m going to have fun.

Truly, friends, writing is way cheaper than therapy.


How many of you out there are going to do Script Frenzy?

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