Sticking together like beggars or thieves: Writers Worth

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Writing or talking about yourself can be a challenge, especially when you spend so much of your creative time within the walls of stories about other people — especially imaginary ones.  I had the opportunity to do an interview with Lyn Midnight’s blog WRITERS WORTH.  Lyn understands that readers and writers alike enjoy getting to know the person behind the words, the storyteller themselves. She also understands that Papa Hemingway’s advice that “Writers must stick together like beggars or thieves.”  Whether you’re a neophyte, emerging, or veteran writer, you understand that having great support is paramount to the success you achieve.  Throughout our writing career we must not only do what we can to support our own work, but that of others as well. Lyn got that right with her blog. She’s done a fabulous job of reaching out to a diverse group of writers, editors and indie authors to get us all acquainted and cheering one another on as our writing lives take shape.

We hall have our shingles out; Writers Worth gives us another place to hang it.

I’d love it if you go to the site and read about the silly things we talked about in her interview of yours truly, as well as check out some other word artists. All the interviews allow for a back and forth kind of discussion.  Send some love with a little comment or question.  I’m not exactly begging, but I’m drunk on sunshine at the moment — the first day of sunshine in my little Twin Peaks town in nearly 15 days and I’m about inebriated with the Vitamin D overdose, so begging wouldn’t be a stretch at this point.  I suppose it would be a better than me having to steal your identity and posting charming and interesting comments as you.  I’d really rather have the real you do that. I’m sure Hemingway did not mean for us to truly be beggars and thieves. He just wanted us to stick together.

Thanks again to Lyn and kudos to all of those that will find some new success thanks to the handiwork of community support endeavors like WRITERS WORTH.


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