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“Are you crazy?” My husband looked absolutely incredulous, he rubbed his hand through his silver high and tight. “I mean, it sounds cool and all, but, can you do it? You have work, SnoValley Writes! and the kids — you’ve done nothing for the last term of school but fuss about how you needed a break.”

 “Yeah,” I stammered. “From school, not The Writing Life (note it’s always in capital letters for me).”

 “It’s that important to you?”

 “Yes. Writing is that important. It’s for a good cause, honey,” and I preceded to tell him about The Novel: Live and the fact that it would not only raise money for community literacy but be an event of historic proportions. “And I could be a part of it. I want to be a part of it.”

 With a hug I was off to volunteer for outreach coordinator for this awesome event.


 Now I’m here asking all of you, my dear Facebook family to help me promote this event, committ to join us on a night (come meet your favorite Pacific Northwest author — cuz you need to read local as well as eat local), or donate to the event! Also, if you’re a local business owner — I have a poster I need to hang in the window of your business! (pretty please!)

 If you help me get the word out, pack the Hugo House and generally help make this a successful event — I have some swag for you as well as my undying gratitude.

 Send me your links, ping backs, pictures of posters in your businesses — let’s network like only Seattlites can!

Your faithful literary servant,


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Be a part of it!

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