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Two Books Coming in 2020

One path is blocked, while another opens…

Wow, just as we were hitting our stride in 2020, working towards finishing writing projects and more, editing was paused because of wildfires, and then Covid-19. A global pandemic has had its way with us for most of this year and it’s been hard to move forward.

But as of today we have forward movement and I still believe that we’ll have not only TANNER’S LANDING be released this year; but, also WHEN A RAVEN PECKS OUT YOUR NORMAL — a stand-alone literary fiction novel.

I know that most folks are excited for my Scooby-Do meets X-files gang of Echo Falls misfits to continue; but, I have to say I’m super proud of my growth as a writer and how ‘RAVEN’ will show that. Also, my daughter’s art is going to grace this work. As for Tanner’s Landing you’ll still get to see work from Leslie Nan Moon throughout; but, the story is the star — at least I hope you’ll think so.

In addition to the birth of the books, Ye Ol’ Hubby and I are working hard to create a new home-base of operations where even more creating can be done. So stay tuned for those developments as well. If all goes well, that front door pictured above will be my front door soon.

I hope that you’re staying safe throughout all of this and are taking advantage of more reading with your favorite beverage time. If you can do it outside in the wild, even better.

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