I Swear, It’s Coming: Tanner’s Landing, Echo Falls Book Two

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Facebook has this great way of reminding us of things. It’s probably the one thing about it that I’ve started to like best and why now I’m really only posting good benchmarks over on that social media platform. “Memories” reminded me that people are waiting for the next book in my Echo Falls series. 

I’m here to tell you it’s getting close. We had planned originally in October of 2017 to have the next one out, but plot bunnies had different ideas. But, the final editing is coming to a close and hopefully by October 2018, you’ll get to find out what happens next to C.J., Janey, and, of course Stinky.

As before, the fabulous art of Leslie Moon will grace the cover of TANNER’S LANDING: ECHO FALLS BOOK TWO.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? You need to check out Wilderness Rim first.


Awesome! Glad to hear it’s coming along. I can definitely relate to plot bunnies that hijack publishing deadline hopes. 🙂 Finally got mine herded into order for Book II, but what a challenge. Good luck with yours!

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