Inkster (Writing Superhero) Dispatch: A First Signing Engagement Invitation

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I had to pull out my special blinky light-sonic screwdriver pen and my Inkster hat and persona to get this one on the blog. Pulling out all the superhero tactics from the tool box was necessary since I’ve been hard at work editing. Honestly, this is a welcomed break from the destruction I’ve wrecked on my manuscript.

At Second Glance may be ordered on Amazon or via the Gay City web site.

However there is some good news to share. I will be having my first public reading, along with some very other talented authors and editors on Feb. 19th at 2 p.m. at the University of Washington Bookstore (aka University Bookstore) in Seattle. I will be reading a short excerpt from EDOM THE TREASURE KEEPER, as it appears in At Second Glance, The 4thAnthology from Gay City.

I invite all of you to attend and to bring your ten closest friends. There is even *gasp* a book signing afterwards. That also will be my first ever. I may have to get a special green blinky sharpie for signing. I’ll have to lure folks to the unknown woman among better-known local writing celebs, after all. What do you think?

Until then I’ll be pondering not only what part of the story to read, as well as what to wear. All suggestions from those in the know are appreciated.

Regardless of wardrobe and signing pen selection, I hope to see many of you there rooting for me and sending me positive energy so I don’t trip on my words or worse [insert awful performance anxiety issue here].


p.s. This is my 50th post for my blog. I think I might need at least 50 comments to make it that much more special.

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