In The Weeds: Weekly InfoSec Round-Up 7-26-17

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Just a little under a year ago I started my InfoSec journey. Still going. Had a few blips in my progress, but it’s a journey towards a destination. There’s no ETA. My plan this time last year was to be able to attend DefCon 25, maybe even under a tech journalist category. It didn’t happen. I sent The Viking off this morning as he heads there and I’m handling things in the homestead as we juggle family responsibilities, home renno projects, and the like. But, next year, I’ll be there, with an extra year of learning, researching, and writing under my belt. In the interim, you mighty minions of InfoSec, here’s the things that I was exploring this last week:

Oh, and for those of you headed to Black Hat & Def Con, keep your social engineering defenses up:

*Office 365 users, heads up:

*G-suite users, you need to pay attention, too:

*Banking Trojan Hacker Gets Busted:

*Got a Roomba? Who knows the map of your home?

*InfoSec Hell:

As in weeks past, feel free to leave a comment here about any of those articles. Let’s learn from one another. Okay, have pity on the noob and let me learn from you.

Have another great week InfoSec geeks. See you next week.



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