In the Weeds: InfoSec Round-Up 6-8-17

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Sorry, a day late here. We had some technical issues, because I forgot that we migrated servers. Noob mistake. What can I say?

Regardless, here’s the latest and notable in the InfoSec realm, cobbled together by yours truly.

WannaCry is giving everyone that sobbed-all-night look around the digital security board room. Sophos takes a look at how to prevent the next:

This here is why I despise Apple products:

If you’re part of a security team, you may want to take down that “0 days since incident” sign, and go back to basics. What works for a construction safety crew or even the sales team doesn’t work in InfoSec. It was cute while it lasted, but such attitudes are too simplistic when it comes to digital security.

And another out of London’s InfoSec 2017 conference — sure wish I could have been a fly on the wall there  — trends that will impact your defense strategy. Check it out:

And because you know I have to find something to laugh about (But seriously, — anything connected to a network has a vulnerabilty. Hello.)

As in weeks past, feel free to leave a comment here about any of those articles. Let’s learn from one another. Okay, have pity on the noob and let me learn from you.

Have another great week InfoSec nerds. See you next week.


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