One Minute of Zen: Still Life with Leviathan

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Since moving to Western Washington, my husband and I have had a 55-gallon tank of freshwater fish. In June, we will have lived with these fish for eleven years. Especially, Leviathan, our plecostomos fish. We used to have a pirate ship and a sunken treasure decor in the tank, but had to take it out because “Levi” needed more room. He was barely an inch long when we got him from the aquarium store. Now he’s more than a foot long. There’s at least one Buenos Ares Tetra and a Black Skirt Tetra that have been with us that long, too. Fish can die pretty quickly. But at least a few of them have been with us a decade plus. They can calm you down when the insomnia strikes, or the stress of #LifewithAutism strikes, or you just need a time out from your life. I give you a quick view for this week’s One Minute of Zen. Enjoy.

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