In The Weeds: Weekly InfoSec Round-Up 4-19-17

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This is slightly late in posting because I’ve had a very sick child to deal with, but no fear we’re here now.

Given that password management has been a theme here in our #intheweeds world, this article from Forbes, FACEBOOK JUST TOOK A GIANT LEAP TO BECOMING THE GLOBAL PASSWORD MANAGER FOR WEB AND APPS,  just jumped out at me. Tell me what you think in the comments, please. My first thought is, No. But, there may be just as many good reasons for FB to be the end all be all of password managers, unless of course you are a FB hater, which many of us are. I’m there simply to keep in touch with my local friends and far away family. It’s also a tool to get you all to come here to my web site. I’ve been on FB since 2009 or so. I’ve been through its infancy and adolescence and recognize it for what it truly is right now. Do I trust them to be my password manager? Not even in the least. But, the article states FB’s new modus operandi is “significantly revolutionary.” I’m not convinced entirely. But, you tell me. Let’s talk.

Then there’s the other internet’s giant beast, Google, who is planning a built-in ad blocker for chrome. I have their ad blocker, plus I have privacy badger. I don’t see ads. When I do run across ads any more, I’m completely flummoxed. So my question is there anyone that doesn’t use an ad blocker? Do I need to teach you how to internet? Granted, there is a money issue behind Google’s plans and that seems logical. What do you think?

I came across this article this week and laughed because something like this was walked-through in a past DefCon as I recollect from conversations with MVCE (My Viking Chief Engineer). And proves that for every new technology there’s going to be a hack. Sorry Samsung Galaxy. That said, for every hack there’s a patch, but that doesn’t mean it comes quickly enough. Your thoughts?

As I’ve stated in the past, I’m absolutely fascinated with the psychology of hacking — both the social engineering aspect, the behavior of the target, the environment that allows it to happen and so on. So, I’ve been reading and watching videos and, you know, like a InfoSec Noob tends to do. For executives at companies, small business owners, heck anyone who wants to be in the know to protect themselves, this article is a good starting point: SEVEN WAYS HACKERS TARGET YOUR EMPLOYEES. In a nutshell:  “Companies need to realize if their employees are picking up the phone and answering emails, they are making security decisions every day that can affect the company…” Basically, a hacker’s best friend is a nice employee. Do you trust yourself? Your employees?

Often in the media, hackers are portrayed as wearing black hoodies — a practice first utilized when Great Britain put security cameras on every street corner in London — and then when shows like MR. ROBOT came out, it was hammered home even more. But, it’s no wonder when you have facial recognition being employed by the government. A valid argument for law enforcement can be made, but it’s just one small slippery step before we’re using said software against law abiding citizens. For me, a certain scene in Total Recall comes to mind after reading this article. “Catch! Get ready for s surprise!” How about you?

As in week’s past, feel free to leave a comment here about any of those articles. Let’s learn from one another. Okay, have pity on the noob and let me learn from you.

Have another great week InfoSec geeks. See you soon.


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