A bit of following housekeeping…

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Many of my fellow WordPress bloggers have contacted me and been chagrined that they can’t click on the “follow” button on my blog so they can see it in their email or reader or whatever. However, I don’t host my site on wordpress, therefore I don’t qualify for that button, which feels a bit discriminatory, but, whatever. I could add the code in easily enough; but, every time there’s an WP update or a widget update or whatever, I would have to redo everything. So, I’m here asking that you take a minute and just do the email follow. You only have to do it once and you’ll get all the alerts when I post. I’m not to the point that I’m putting out newsletters now, but with the fun future coming up, I hope to include that (we’re talking a couple of years down the road…shhh! more on that later). So, won’t you follow me the old-fashioned way? Please and thank you.

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