In the Weeds: Weekly InfoSec Round-Up 3-29-17

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Man, what a week. We lost internet privacy in the U.S. Brexit is happening in the U.K. And now using the term Cyber Attack is under attack. Here take a look:

“Words matter,” said Thomas Rid, who teaches at the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. “Words affect intelligence operations; words affect military operations; words affect the behavior of allies and enemies. And of course words shape what lawmakers think and what laws are made. So if we’re not precise, we’re literally escalating a problem.” As a writer, I can hardly disagree. As Mark Twain said, “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

Weak encryption and Brexit: “I can’t build an access technology that only works with proper legal authorization, or only for people with a particular citizenship or the proper morality,” writes security expert Bruce Schneier, CTO of IBM’s Resilient. “The technology just doesn’t work that way. If a backdoor exists, then anyone can exploit it.”

VPNs and browsing incognito won’t save your internet privacy after U.S. House of Representatives vote:

Raspberry Pie + Mobile Phone = Zero Terminal:

Give your Instagram account an extra layer of security:

As in week’s past, feel free to leave a comment here about any of those articles. Let’s learn from one another. Okay, have pity on the noob and let me learn from you.

Have another great week InfoSec geeks. See you soon.

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