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In The Weeds: Weekly InfoSec Round-Up

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I decided to share with you the things I’m reading during the week with a small bit of commentary about what I find interesting about them or what I learned from them. These are links to articles, books, videos, what have you that all relate the the hacker culture or digital security world that I’m newly diving into. Self-taught FTW.

  1. On the heels of the article I posted regarding Last Pass, Tech Republic posted this gem about cyber-security basics — even though I’m learning that people in the #InfoSec biz hate the word cyber. I’m still getting through all the YouTube videos, but they are some great ones:
  2. Net Neutrality is under attack from within our government again. I can’t believe we have to protest this shit…
  3. This article is from January. But, I’m still learning, so there will be articles and books that are not new that I’ll be reading/exploring. Secure apps, however. Something we all should be concerned about learning more about:
  4. On my Google Play this week. So many books, so little time:

It’s a short round-up this week because I just started pulling this together. But, there’s some good info in there. Information overload is as deadly as no information. So, keeping it simple works for now. If you’ve read some interesting information, articles, papers, watched a cool video, or show about #InfoSec, please leave a comment here about it. The more you know…the more we all know.




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