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One Minute of Zen: A new feature at Casz’s Fiction Farm

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One of my 2017 resolutions/goals was to do this new project here to give you a one minute video, once a week to produce a feeling of calmness. I’m calling it One Minute of Zen. I had the idea some time ago.  I’ve been collecting these videos for about two years, in order to do this. Having learned over time that having some work already in the can when you start a new project is paramount to its success — at least for me.

So, every Tuesday, I’ll be posting this One Minute of Zen. Why Tuesday? Because you likely have a Monday stress hangover, it’s not quite hump day (business socks day), and well, you’re so far away from the weekend. Therefore Tuesday seemed appropriate.

As I’ve gone along, these videos have gotten better and better. But some of the first may be a little raw. I don’t think it detracts from their effectiveness, to just take one minute and reground yourself in the present moment and feel a little peace.

I’m calling this one, MINI WATERFALL (<<You have to click on the link…;) )



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  1. Perfect timing! I needed a moment of Zen. I like the way the sun played with the waterfall in the video. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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