Inkster Dispatch: Easter Eggs and Wilderness Rim

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Can you find the Easter Egg Inside?

I didn’t mean to do it; but, it’s hard to live where I live and not have this influence drip, ooze, and coat into your own writing. There’s a fandom Easter Egg in my newly released book, Wilderness Rim: Echo Falls Book One.

As a born-again gamer, Easter Eggs are just as much part of the modern gaming, experience as much as getting an epic armor piece. The placement of Easter Eggs is now often found in films and all over other media, too, especially that connected with computers or the internet. I put one in my book.

I thought it would be fun to hold a contest here on the blog for those reading Wilderness Rim to find the hidden reference to another story entirely. And no, it’s not Catcher in the Rye or Huck Finn.

Clearly you need to read Wilderness Rim to figure out what that nod to another fandom is. So, the contest won’t run just yet; but, it will run soon. Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you know right when the contest begins because there will be an epic prize:¬† think fandom memorabilia, a video game, and some other TBD loot. Also, you’ll want to subscribe soon, because I’m going to start dropping hints on what this little Easter Egg is right here on the blog.

So subscribe to Casz’s Fiction Farm. Buy the book. Read the book. Leave a review. Uncover the Easter Egg, but don’t share just yet. Be sure to tuck it in your brain to win another day by paying attention to this little piece of the internet.

Make sense? Feel free to leave any questions below in the comments.


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