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Anthology Awesomeness

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This is a squee moment so cover your ears.  /squee/

Okay, I’m done now. But I may break into random happy dancing as I write this. You have been warned. I may give Elaine from Seinfeld a run for her money in the dorky dance contest.

I got news today that the anthology, At Second Glance, for which my short story “Edom the Treasure Keeper” was purchased, is available for ordering.  My story details the events before “Jack in the Beanstalk.” There are a ton of wicked cool other stories in there as well. Order your copy today.  I will see my own copies hopefully soon otherwise you would get some fresh-off-the-printing-press photo spam right about now. I’m excited and nervous and anxious and proud all wrapped into a tight ball of giddiness. My name as an emerging writer. Coolness to the Nth degree. Truly.

Here’s what’s written on the jacket cover:

There are always at least two viewpoints to every story and yet, we usually only hear one. A different perspective can provide an entirely different story than the commonly known tale; the other side of the looking glass, so to speak. This year, our anthology series continues with volume 4: At Second Glance, an anthology dedicated to exploring those alternate angles. Inside you’ll find exciting new tales by established authors such as Felice Picano, as well as stories from emerging writers like Evan J. Peterson, Casondra Brewster and Louis Flint Ceci. Readers will even find a piece from our volume editor, Eric Andrews-Katz. From comic art to playscript, from mythology to modern fantasy; all the pieces take the reader forward by glancing back.

/faint. And the cover art from Garth Meske is breathtaking.

At Second Glance, Gay City Anthology Volume Four

These types of anthologies from Gay City are so important to the literary world.  These anthologies and its sister literary journals (KNOCK, Line Zero, Glimmer Train, Palooka, Tin House and Zahir, to name a few)  take chances on emerging writers and those trying to make our way in the choppy waters of the publishing world.  Therefore supporting such endeavors are critical if you think that a) our culture is better because of art, b) this is the only way new, experimental, transgressive or any other edgy work is going to make its mark in ink,  c) you know not everyone can live in a cubicle and must make a living some how, and lastly, d) see reason A, again.

These journals are where folks like me get our highly coveted branding as “emerging writer.” It’s what makes agents take a chance on us. It’s kind of like having compost in your garden. It’s the difference between having a two tomato harvest to a 22-tomato harvest.

So, I beseech you to support the At Second Glance anthology for the reasons above, including that yours truly has a story in it. It will be available later this week on, too. You know, in case you have a gift card sitting around from Aunt Martha and you want to use your new found wealth to support artists and newbie urban farmers like myself.

 Consider it a gift for the authors as well as into the ether of art-dom. Well, that, and you’ll have my undying gratitude, wherein I’ll spew digital thanks all over the screen. Hey, I’ll try to be neat about it, I promise.




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