A Lifetime of Birthdays: November 30, 2016

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download-7Wednesday came in like a lamb and went out like a lion. A nice little bow on the present I gave myself:  the month-long celebration of my half-century birthday.

I spent the day doing chores, running errands, and desperately trying to get myself organized for Yule. I have a big family (No. 4), and between my husband and I we have five kids, one of which is married, another is engaged, and another with a serious committed significant other. I picked up flat rate boxes at the post office and mailed a little prezzie to a friend (No. 5) of mine. Then I headed to the drug store to pick up a little something to help me with some organization. I had to pick up a RX. Then, I stopped by an ol’ pal’s gift shop looking for a specific thing, but she unfortunately didn’t have it. We caught up a bit, both trying hard not to bitch about the unbelievable crap we’ve had to deal with as of late. We hugged and I bid her adieu.

Then I had to come home and do more chores. I emailed an arts organization to help me with a contact I had lost. And I emailed the artist’s work I was looking for in my friend’s shop.

Then it was time for some lunch and laundry. Then I worked on laying out Wilderness Rim some more, in between keeping the laundry going, doing the dishes, and making sure both bathrooms were clean.

I made turkey hash for dinner for the men in my life. It poured buckets yesterday with 25 mph wind gusts. There was no walking yesterday except for inside the drug store. So, I did a late session of yoga and gave the puppies (No. 3)  a little extra love while I watched the last episode of Gilmore Girls reboot (No. 14).images-4

Hubby and I meditated (No. 8) and I wasn’t going to join my friends at the local pub for a special write-in session, because I felt tired, the weather sucked and I was feeling a bit seasonal-affective over being out in it. But Hubby (No. 1) convinced me that I needed it to recharge my batteries. As always, my life partner knows me way too well. I’m really happy that I did end up going. Wilderness Rim is ready to go except for the cover art. My artist is swamped right now, so until she and I can sit down and meet and discuss the next steps, we’re in a holding pattern of the publishing process, which is totally normal. I’m still trying to figure out launch antics, so, hopefully I’ll be ready when she is.

As part of the evening there was a giant salad and some very yummy local cider, plus many laughs and some conversations that may lead to some helpful events to make my life even more of a seeking joy platform. Time will tell, but the cards on Tuesday said solutions would present themselves very soon. And they did. Potentially. I must be cautiously optimistic, but, there you have it. We practically closed down the place, and I was pretty late getting home, but it was well worth a few hours of lost sleep.

sticker375x360So that was my half-century birthday month celebration. Thirty days of absolute crazy joy, happiness, and introspection and writing. Lots of writing.

In my 50th year, I will live the rest of the year, and hopefully the rest of my days, with the attitude of seeking joy and staying positive. The dark really is the only thing you see if that’s all you look for. I have a long list of things that make me happy, that give me purpose, that make me feel alive. That’s quite a present.

sheri j kennedy

Happy Birthday!…one more time. It’s awesome you spent this whole month focusing on the good things and listing them by number each day. It inspired me too. I didn’t always comment, but I think I read them all…very close anyway. I’m so glad you are continuing this focus, and I hope the joy seeps in so it all becomes second nature to smile at every little opportunity. *HUGS*

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