A Lifetime of Birthdays: November 25, 2016

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The Puppies (No. 3) Love Fire Season.
The Puppies (No. 3) Love Fire Season.

Friday started off slow and easy, which was well deserved after the adrenaline-filled Thanksgiving day. We started the day with a fire as the temps dipped well below the no-fire rule of 50 degrees. We don’t do Black Friday. I really have few memories in my half-century of life when I did frantic Yule shopping on Friday. Most of my adult life I’ve been paid at the end of the month and the 15th of the month. When Black Friday hits, I’m pretty tapped out for disposable income. Also, early on, before REI started their #optoutside or there was any anti-Black Friday sentiment, I realized it was a level of consumerism I was very uncomfortable with and therefore behaved accordingly (No. 23).

img_20161125_152508Hubby (No. 1) then joined me in my traditional Friday writers’ gathering (No. 7) at The Black Dog. We ate a yummy breakfast and I worked on more polishing of Wilderness Rim  (No. 6). We walked from there to our local hardware store, Carmichael’s and purchased a Yule wreath, and parts for our master bath commode and a chandelier project hubby has going on. Our Yule wreath purchase helps a local art organization (Snoqualmie Forest Theatre), which a tradition I’ve had most of my adult life. My Yule wreath purchase is always focused on helping some non-profit.

In essence our Small-Business Saturday came a day early. Then we went to the grocery store to pick up a few basics that we were out of, as well as look for a small turkey to make for my two boys on Saturday since they were so chagrined that we didn’t have a traditional meal on Thursday.  Unfortunately there was only 40-pound butterballs left and that’s far from real meat to us. Then we went home to drop off the groceries, take care of the dogs (No. 3), and decide how far we wanted to venture to find a turkey.

Hubby decided he wanted to check Safeway, which we did, but they had pretty much the same thing. So I started calling around, since we had a very open day outside of continuing clean up at home from the Thursday festivities. We ended up at PCC in Issaquah, because they had small 8-12 lb. fresh turkeys still left. It was perfect. Then hubby wanted to go to Lowe’s to pick up more chandelier parts and buy a replacement for our sensor security light on the north end of our homestead. Then we headed over to Big Lots to get a holiday welcome mat and paper supplies for the Yule holiday.

Homeward again, we talked about whether or not we want to remain at the Thrasher Homestead beyond our youngest’s high school graduation. We talked about pros and cons and what our options were. It appears we are of the same mind that after #theycallhimtank graduates we’ll put this property up for sale and find some cheaper and more appropriate living. It’s bittersweet as we love our community, but our formerly gravel road is now the main access to 500 new homes and the commercial district is encroaching on where we are. The rural feel that we bought for just six short years ago is gone. It’s not our “live until we die” place any longer.15235914_10211352264704676_6097922476630302173_o

On that note we came home and ate Thanksgiving leftovers and fussed around the homestead beginning the Yule-ification of the house and grounds.

Then we took a break and watched some television together. It was very early when we decided to retire to the bedroom and create our Yule-shopping spread sheet for our gift giving for the 2016 season. Before we knew it, our bedtime had come and gone.

I learned that even as much as I don’t want somethings to change, such change is truly the axis that life turns on. That hanging with my best friend, my husband, even doing menial errands is fun for me, because we complement each other so much. As I drifted off to sleep this night, I wondered just how many of my favorite things I’ve actually focused on for my birthday celebration month. I honestly need to do an inventory of that; however, it would need to wait for a moment when I wasn’t so sleepy.


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