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A Lifetime of Birthdays: November 24, 2016

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15138300_10211336610633334_1730457357956789402_oThanksgiving. What a whirlwind. I don’t have a lot of photos, because I was so in the moment and just crazy busy cooking (No. 10) and hostessing and …. enjoying life and being grateful, and sometimes emotionally so, for everything from the damn marching bands and NYC Rockettes on the TV to my husband’s ability to let me know that my best at that moment was just perfect.

First to show up was my middle son’s friend who has been attending Thanksgiving with us the last couple of years (or my son has gone to his house). He showed up in Santa hat and candy-cane in mouth. He made me giggle. He’s a good kid and for all the people that #LifewithAutism attracts in my son’s life, this friend seems to be a solid foundation (crosses fingers that my gut is on here). Then my sister- and brother-in-law (No. 4) came, along with my father-in-law, and then my oldest son with his fiance, and then my two daughters chauffeured by my eldest daughter’s husband. That meant all my children and their spouses (or soon-to-be) spouses were in the house. I nearly cried. Okay, I did. But, I kept it together. Happy tears are easier to recover your bearing from, in my experience.  I’ve never been that Mom. You know the ones that get all teary about the kids all being home and all that. Well, I was this year. I’m blaming a monthly hormonal upset to me getting teary at stupid phone commercials between parade and football games on the tube; but, if I’m honest, I was in full-on empty-nester mode on Thanksgiving. It’s okay. It means that we did our jobs as parents.

There was a bit of a mini meltdown when my suspicion the day before that the oven wasn’t keeping a good temperature was actually the case. So, cooking our cedar-planked salmon was a bit delayed. This became a stresser because folks were hungry and I had listened to my two boys (No. 2) who are still living at home complain there wasn’t going to be turkey, even though I’m making a second-giving for them on Saturday on a smaller scale, it wasn’t good enough. Later they both came and told me how good the meal was and apologized for being turds about the darn turkey-less meal. Other than my pie from the day before, I have no food pictures, which if you know me, you know I always take food pictures. Not this year. You’ll have to know that my menu kicked ass and everyone loved the food.

We normally make Yule Wish Lists while we’re waiting for dinner or after eating, but we all forgot this year. Most of our crew decided that Yule eve will be our gathering night and I’m excited to see all the family again so soon. Life is busy, I of all people understand that; however, maybe the next 50 years can be full of more family time.

We made it! Post-Thanksgiving Couch Time. 13 people fed. 4 growlers & 4 dogs. 2 champagne bottles. 1 Crock of Gluhwein & A pumpkin pie.

The last of our guests left about 7 p.m. after cleaning up a bit in the kitchen, hubby and I totally raced into our jammies and hit the couch (No. 27) for a complete dorkfest of days of Jeopardy. We had a night cap and then snuggled in for a food-coma-induced long winter’s nap .

I learned and/or was reminded that love really does heal wounds — both small, large, shallow or deep. That family is always there no matter what, as it should be. Also, that part of Thanksgiving prep, should probably be a temperature test of your oven. Also, make sure you detail someone to take photos. When people say, “Can I help you with something?” Tell them, yes, please take photos and send them to me.

After a half-century of life, I clearly have so much more to learn.


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