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A Lifetime of Birthdays: November 22-23, 2016

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Every now and then you have to cut loose as a Mom. A Mimosa Brunch is just what the Birthday Month ordered.
Every now and then you have to cut loose as a Mom. A Mimosa Brunch is just what the Birthday Month ordered.

Tuesday started off great with a birthday brunch with my friend, Christina (No. 5). Mimosa was the hero at the table and we reveled in our momentary Bad Mom date. Something touched off the muse in my life and I got a great idea for a project for the two of us. More on that to come, I hope.

Then I helped my youngest (No. 2) with some errands. In the course of the errands we chatted with neighbors and folks in my community. Everyone was looking forward to the holiday fast approaching.

I made Taco Casserole for dinner (No. 10), and then worked on some writing (No. 6), since hubby would be late coming home. Then I did some house cleaning to prep for Thursday (No. 4 & 15).

Then it was Couch Time (No. 27) and Puppy Time (No. 3). I read late into the night (No. 7) and slept hard.

Wednesday, Hubby (No. 1) was off so that we could do some full-throttle pre-prep for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately we needed to go to the grocery store. So, I did a quick #weighinwednesday and found I was up two pounds. However, I hadn’t drank enough water the two days before. So, I’m not too stressed about it. Also, I think it was the universe tapping me on the shoulder to keep being good through the holidaze.

My homemade pumpkin pie.
My homemade pumpkin pie.

Then I made hubby and me a quick breakfast and we headed out early, like seriously we were at the store before 0800 hrs. Then we worked all morning at the house prepping food, cleaning, rearranging. Then we took a break at noon and we snuck off to one of our local breweries (we are so blessed to have a couple of good watering holes in our community) and had a grown-up alone lunch and strategized for the rest of the day’s tasks. I ate a fancy cashew salad. He had fish tacos. We filled a growler for the following day and then headed home to bake pie and scratch off the to-do list.

Wine Wednesday was a simple table red, but perfect.
Wine Wednesday was a simple table red, but perfect.

We went to put on our record player — yes, I’m 50 and I still listen to vinyl. But it was broken. While I baked pie and prepped squash for the next day, hubby was brilliant and fixed the record player.

We  were able to sit down at a reasonable time and watch a movie while enjoying #winewednesday before heading off to bed absolutely exhausted from all the prep.

What I learned, or rather was reminded on these two days was that people are in my life for a reason and I need to be thoughtful of why that might be. Some are for fun and for growth, others are for lesson teaching. Finally, I was reminded that my husband and I make a damn good team. I’m blessed beyond measure and gratitude, seriously, brings happiness.




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