A Lifetime of Birthdays: November 17 – 19, 2016

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The weather has been mostly clouds, but I've been good about grabbing opportunities to be outside. (Photo by Zoey Jacobs)
The weather has been mostly clouds, but I’ve been good about grabbing opportunities to be outside. (Photo by Zoey Jacobs)

Squeezing in blogging has been a bit tough because I’ve been so focused on sticking to my “favorite things” plan for my half-century birthday month, as well as putting the very fine touches on my manuscript Wilderness Rim. But, hopefully, I’ll catch up some on my posting, because the manuscript is in the layout stages now.

Thursday my friend, Tommia, surprised me with another out-of-this-world gift — an overnight away from home to help finish up the above mentioned manuscript. It was part of our valley’s NaNoWriMO region “Writing on the Road” weekend at the Fall City Roadhouse Restaurant & Inn, which some fellow baseball parents now own. (Yes, for my fellow Twin Peak fans, it’s THAT Roadhouse.) I was beyond grateful and rather excited. I’m starting to think that I need to stay in every single one of the rooms up there. I’ve stayed in three different ones now.

Because of that Thursday required that I focus efforts at the homestead. I took care of mucking the ducks living quarters (no. 16), did a bucket of weeds (my knees still are not fans of how I need to weed, but its what must be done to ensure healthy food-growing beds), I fussed in the house, cleaning hot spot after hot spot (No. 15). I wrote (No.6). I drove to the town over to stock up on poultry feed for the month, and I made enchiladas for dinner (No. 10). Then it was Couch Time (No. 27) with the Hubby (No. 1).

I finally got cake!
I finally got cake!

Friday morning meant talking care of animals, laundry, dishes, cleaning out my purse (as I do every Friday), cleaning out the car (also an every Friday job), get dinner in the crock for my men I was leaving at home for the night, and head off to my traditional Friday writers cafe at The Black Dogs Arts Cafe. My fellow writers surprised me with a carrot cake (one of my favorites), and the whole cafe sang Happy Birthday to me. “I finally got cake,” I texted to my husband. It was made by our local bakery, Georgia’s, and it’s one of the best carrot cakes I’ve ever eaten. Second only to the one the husband of my friend, Linda, makes.  Then it was time to head home to take care of puppies (No. 3), rotate laundry and dishes, and grab a power nap. Then I had to quickly pack and head down the foothills road to the Inn, where the writers were already there and getting busy. We had good food (No. 10), good drinks (No. 11) , and a lot of good laughs (No. 20).

I stayed up too late, bringing in Saturday before I turned off the lights and got up too early, 0400 hrs. But, I wrote and wrote and wrote (No. 6). The room was very comfortable, with a European flair, as the showering facilities were down the hall, which was fine. The wind was gusting that evening and it knocked on my window quite a bit. Later that day a friend would ask if the upstairs felt haunted. It didn’t to me, but I’m not as bothered by those things as some folks are.

Summer is not completely giving way to winter here in Twin Peaks.
Summer is not completely giving way to winter here in Twin Peaks.

Then those of us who stayed overnight met for breakfast. These ladies (no. 5) — Sheri, Vicky, and Sue — are so part of my tribe, of which there are more than these three, but they represent the theme of my tribe — good, artistic, loyal, and not afraid to explore (No. 23). There had to be hugs before we all left. I love these women and they make my new life here in Washington spectacular.

I felt a bit hungover. But it wasn’t from the two delicious Manhattans I had consumed throughout Friday night, but rather the lack of sleep. Being 50 and not getting good shut eye, sure has its repercussions. I was pretty much a Zombie on Saturday. I did get to work when I first got home, fueled, I supposed, by the huge amount of work I got done on my book, and I did a bunch of winterizing in the garden to include pulling a huge bucket of weeds (No. 16), while hubby worked on our youngest son’s vehicle. I did find two daisies fighting for existence in the late November beds. I snipped them and brought them into the warm house with a cool drink of water where they are gracing our dining room table.

Thankfully, I dozed on the couch with my puppies (No. 3) and hubby (No. 1) woke me in time to do some Thanksgiving decorating (No. 15) before we headed out to meet our friends (No. 5) to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. (No. 14)

My dear friend, Tonya, who really knows how to get amp'd up for a double-date movie night. Her Popcorn purse and cellphone case. Is she not adorable?
My dear friend, Tonya, who really knows how to get amp’d up for a double-date movie night. Her Popcorn purse and cellphone case. Is she not adorable?

We went to this grown up movie theatre that serves food and drinks right in the theatre. I had a drink called a “Dark & Stormy” which was dark rum and ginger beer with lime. It was so good, I told hubby that our next liquor store run needs to include the ingredients to make this at home. We had popcorn with real butter on it, as well as some lettuce wraps. At one point in the film we caved and split a cheeseburger and fries. I will forever want to see movies in this manner. It’s very upscale, so it won’t happen often on this writer/farmer/artist’s income, but when I must see a film in the theatre instead of at home, this will be my go-to place. The movie was enjoyable, even though there were moments that I felt like I was being pulled through a formulaic checklist. The company, who really knows how to get geared up for the movies (see photo) the atmosphere, made it a good date night.

What I learned on these three days that I really have created a wonderful circle of friends in my community here over the past decade. I’m feeling less and less like the Motor City Mama transplant to the Emerald City/Twin Peaks, and more like it’s “home.” I learned that throughout my life, sleep hasn’t been a priority, but that it’s a necessity now and may go down on my “favorite things” list from now on. I learned, or rather was reminded, that Growing Revolution in the form of MicroFarming is a labor of love. I also learned I need to be kinder to myself with regards to my writing timeline. It’s a process that can’t be rushed, and when you must juggle ALL OF LIFE with it, it takes longer than you anticipate and expect. But the point is to create a great story that speaks to people. That’s more important than fast.


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