A Lifetime of Birthdays: November 14, 2016

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I awoke Monday with a hangover of blahs from Sunday’s drama. But was focused on finding the good — seeing the light. I was relieved that I could just putter around the house and work on my writing. I was roasting squash for our dinner that night, and enjoying a second cup of coffee (No. 12) after my spouse and son left the house, and was checking in on social media. One of my friends (No. 5) posted that she felt super sad and felt scared for the future. I knew she shouldn’t be alone feeling like that, so I texted her to see if she wanted to meet for coffee and maybe do a little writing (she’s a writer, too…you should check out her book). She responded with, “I was just going to see if I could treat you to a birthday pedicure!” She didn’t have to ask me twice (No. 23) .

img_20161114_122227By mid morning we were drinking champagne and having our feet pampered. She also brought me the nicest cache of gifts:  A Happy Birthday catch tray, a new journal, a tentacled ring (such jewelry seems to be a theme this year!), a pen orgy pen bag, a Blogging Day mug (to add to my mug collection), and an issue of Beekman Almanac (which focuses on small farms this issue). It was just what the doctor ordered for both of us. And what a surprise. I’m very blessed to call her friend and am so grateful she’s in my life.

After that I needed to go to the grocery store and pick up some pepper-jack cheese for dinner, which I did. The store was practically empty save the staff, so it was really pleasant to just casually stroll around the store, pricing some items for our Thanksgiving Day Meal, which this year is very non-traditional.

Afterwards, I came home and played with the dogs (No. 3). They are loving that I

Kola Bean and Look It's Sprite snuggle together in front of the wood stove.
Kola Bean and Look It’s Sprite snuggle together in front of the wood stove.

have been making fires in the mornings again. It really hasn’t been cold enough until the last few days. They were living in the desert before we rescued them and I honestly don’t think they have acclimated to the new climate of the Pacific Northwest.

Then I worked a bunch on reading the pile of books (No. 7) I need to finish and finish fast (checking out books from the library is a real motivator to finish one tome, as I tend to jump around from book to book). I also blogged and fixed a scene in one of my manuscripts.

I finished making dinner, then helped my son (No. 2) with a car issue before he headed off to do homework and bring his doll Starbucks.

Then hubby (No. 1) came home from work and we caught up from the day. We ate the butternut squash soup with crispy fried sage that I made, which was so unbelievably yummy (No. 10). I’m looking forward to leftovers this week at

Roasted Butternut Squash soup with crispy-fried sage, along with pepper-jack and sourdough grilled sandwich.
Roasted Butternut Squash soup with crispy-fried sage, along with pepper-jack and sourdough grilled sandwich.

lunch. I’m incredibly proud that the sage and squash were from my land (No. 16), as was the garlic and onions in the soup.  There was an evening meditation session, so work on both our ends — me writing, him handling a digital security incident — and then we got our couch time (No. 27). We watched some Star Trek (we’re still working through the voyager series) and our weekday Jeopardy fix. This week is Teen Tournament, which means everyone gets to feel smart at home.  Then it was evening chore time and curling up with another book before calling it a night.

On Monday I learned, or rather was reminded, that nothing is permanent, especially emotions. One phone call can change it all. Yes, yes, I know that means that sometimes you feel like the other shoe is going to drop. But, it doesn’t last. That freshly painted toes can mean the absolute world to someone, and all you have to do is ask.

Also, the love of a dog is an incredible thing. Don’t take it for granted. A smile, a touch, and a hug go a long way to heal some pretty difficult things.

OPI's "Center of the You-iniverse" I thought it was appropriate for this month's focus.
OPI’s “Center of the You-iniverse” I thought it was appropriate for this month’s focus.

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