A Lifetime of Birthdays: November 12, 2016

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On Saturday, I was still holding onto a fighting spirit for following-through with this month-long celebration and focusing on the good in life. I’m having difficulty with that today; however, I don’t need to address that until tomorrow. And maybe tomorrow I’ll feel better. For now, I’m here:  Click this for Gif.

Saturday started with coffee with my husband; then I made us both breakfast. (No. 10) Then there were chores to do — taking care of a homestead (No. 15) is labor-intensive. It’s a love-hate relationship. I love having the space between me and other people, and I like having a smaller community to deal with (even as much as I bitch about how asinine the local government is), and I like going out into my herb garden and getting fresh herbs for a veggie scramble, where the veggies and eggs came from my property (No. 16). But it’s work. Lots of work. Yard work. Mopping floors. Cleaning appliances. Laundry. That ate up my morning and early part of the afternoon. However, I’m grateful my husband and I are skilled enough, strong enough, and able enough to do these things.

My friends and fellow writers, Vicky Bastedo & Kennedy J. Quinn at their dual book launch Saturday.

Mid afternoon, I got to go support two of my friends who had book launches (No 7). Victoria Bastedo’s Black Poodle over Seven Hills came out recently, and Kennedy J. Quinn’s new time-traveling steampunk epic, The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone came out. Immediately following their readings was the Bard & Starlett Radio Hour which featured one-act plays plucked from my fellow writers’ works and performed by local actors. I had a mocha (No. 12) and got to immerse myself in art (No. 9) and literature.

Low-carb (gluten-free, too) pizza. If it resembles Detroit-style, that’s by design.

Then I went home and made a low-carb alt pizza for my husband and I. We ate while we watched The Woman In Black, the new version with Daniel Radcliffe as the protagonist. I haven’t seen the earlier film of the same name. But it was a good old-fashioned scary movie. I will admit that when Arthur Kipps is walking up the staircase at Eel Marsh, I was transported to Hogwarts? How about you? No? Well, okay, then. Guess that’s just me.

Anyhow, Kraken and Mexi-Coke was the adult beverage of choice to go with our chopped salad and ‘za. Along with massive couch time (No. 27) with the puppies (No. 3). We were hibernating and it was good. We may be doing a whole lot more of that. I’m kind of done with the world’s judgment, its intolerance, its demands of insanity.

Then I read in bed while hubby cleaned up dinner mess.

Saturday I learned that for every person who thinks I’m a failure, weak, or some sort of evil monster, there are people (not just one) that feel I inspire them, help them, and that I’m a good person. Also, I learned that I can’t eat chocolate cake any more. It tastes really bad to me — like sickly sweet, you know like something that’s supposed to taste good but actually poisons you? Yeah, that.

Lois Buhalis

Anyone who thinks you are “a failure, weak, or some sort of evil monster,” just isn’t paying attention. Their opinions are without value or honor, and can be entirely disregarded.

Chocolate cake is overrated.

Keep celebrating. Every day!

Janaya Almquist

You are a huge inspiration to me.

That happened to me too, after I quit eating processed sugar. Sweet things are SO sweet! Gross.


I see you as a very strong woman who can and does accomplish anything no matter the time it takes to do so. I don’t think you realize just how much you help me ( even if I can’t see it yet, if that makes sense?) or make me smile with your writings of adventures you go through.


I try very hard to be strong. Sometimes the strongest among us, however, need some time to be carried, too. I think I’m fast approaching that point, unfortunately. I’m hanging on right now; but, the things being thrown at me are above and beyond any more. No matter which way I turn, I’ll be pissing someone off. Trying to shrug it off, but it’s hard. I’m glad that I helped you in some way.


Not weak, or any of that. We have our differences but that is good. Causes people to look at things from different perspectives. As for sweets. I think Tiramasu might be ok…I find it more of a rich dessert rather than sweet….but that might just be me.

sheri j kennedy

Those two books and Bard & Starlet Radio Hour would likely not have happened at all without your direct inspiration and teaching of skills…I was talking about you during the whole evening to various folks, and how it all traced back to when you started SnoValley Writes! Thanks so much for being the wonderful YOU and for sharing so much of your time, energy and experience with all of us. You lit a fire that burns brightly…may you ever be warmed by its comforting flames. -Sheri J. Kennedy aka Kennedy J. Quinn


Thank you, Sheri J. Kennedy aka Kennedy J. Quinn. It’s good to know I planted some seeds that bloomed so wonderfully and are reproducing again. I hope I can continue to inspire, teach and encourage. Thanks to you for the wonderful stories, too.

Edith Scheie

You consistently inspire me and I missed you while I was away from the computer. My brother John bought me an HP Notebook! It’s a sleek little machine. Glad I’m back, so I can hear more about what you’ve been up to! And don’t listen to the haters. They know nothing!

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