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The State of Casz: Post-Break Post-Surgery Post-Hatching Post

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Well, the sabbatical only took about a month. Although, I’m still easing back into it. Last week I started editing Wilderness Rim for indie publishing this fall. Huzzah. Also, I penned a pitch letter today, although, I haven’t hit send because I’m waiting to hear back some intel from a person about this agent. Regardless, I’m writing again. I’m shopping work. I’m revising. I’m in the groove. Slowly and surely. The funny thing was that after I posted my Taking A Break entry, a good friend sent me a link to The Oatmeal’s Creativity Is Like Breathing. Go read it. It only takes a moment. Seriously, I’ll wait.

(I’ll go watch this while you read:

Okay, great, you’re back. Pretty accurate, eh? Doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, visual artist, dancer, comic, actor, cigar juggler, or you pick the creative endeavor. You have to breathe in sometimes. My breathing in will happen more often now. I never ever want to feel like I’m quitting again. That was a dark place, folks. Truly. The seventh level of purgatory has nothing on where I was in my mental creative space.

Carpal Tunnel Owie.
Carpal Tunnel Owie.

How did I know it was time to come back? While on sabbatical, I continued to get rejections for short stories from publications and editors, as well as from agents for When A Raven Pecks Out Your Normal. But the last rejection didn’t sting, it only fueled the fire of continuing to press on towards my goal. I knew it was time to emerge from my creative fasting and breathe out again.

Slowly easing back into the breathing out is also guarded by my post carpal tunnel surgery.

The hand still has some tenderness, especially near the incision scar, which I’m told can take months to feel not so fragile. My hand gets tired quickly. So, there’s more programmed breaks for writing time. Sometimes I feel as irritated when I need breaks for the post-surgery hand, but, proper healing is the focus. Not whether or not I reach a word count goal. Autumn will also bring the left-hand surgery for the same condition. Hopefully Wilderness Rim will already be available for purchase at that point. File under #writerproblems. download (23)

Yoga Every Day still continues, although I’ve been very limited in what I can do with the bum left knee and the recovering right wrist. Lots and lots of meditation has been happening. Tonight is the solstice and I plan to do some yoga practice under the full strawberry moon outside.

Lastly, our microfarm has four new residents. My broody of all broody hens, Buffy, hatched four ducklings over June 11-12. They are a week old. Here’s a photo of Riker, Geordi, Wesley, and Ro-Laren. IMG_20160619_134619

Buffy, who is a chicken is a great mom, and since she’s a chicken and they are ducks, we’ve taken to calling the brood Clucklings. We’re hoping all the ducks are female, because demand for duck eggs has gone through the roof, which we feel blessed about.

That’s the state of Casz.

Write. Heal. Yoga. Farm.

It’s a life.


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