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Inkster Dispatch: 2016 Con Attendance

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Conventions for a writer are a great avenue for networking, learning, and inspiration. Each year I try to go to at least one.

Last year I did WorldCon — likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When I left Spokane in August, my goal was to go to Iceland and Dublin and wherever else they decided to have it. But now I may be going to Scotland as part of a research trip for my current Work In Progress (WIP) this year, which means I’d miss out on 2016’s World Fantasy and Science Fiction Convention. However, I am not con-less for 2016. I’ll likely swing by NORWESCON 39 in March; however, I’m really looking forward to a new upstart con: WE ARE ALL SF. It’s inaugural convention will be in Ocean Shores, Washington in November. I registered today. I also got signed up for the writer’s workshop for it. There’s some really cool folks and authors that will be a part of this, so I’m excited. November will be here before I know it.

How about you? What conventions are you attending this year? What am I maybe missing that I need to consider?

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