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Book Review & Giveaway: SUGAR SKULLS

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25789738Hey, fellow Bibliophiles! I wanted to share with you an audiobook (CD type) I thoroughly devoured during the holidays:  SUGAR SKULLS. Reading time is precious for many of us, especially with work, kids, home, and community responsibilities. SUGAR SKULLS takes you all away from that and into this fantastical world and into the life of Vee and Micah — young adults brought to the city of Cyrene, where energy is currency and music is the lifeblood of its young energy producers. The story is a great ride. Honestly, this book surprised me because it is not a genre I read much of, but found myself unable to break away from it. I loved the way the authors played with language and created a fresh, futuristically believable, and fascinating world, all the while maintaining a strong emotional, human connection with the relationship between the two main characters. The love scenes were sexy without being raunchy and moved the story forward, a little hot flash for your personal thrum collectors and then back into the action. The voice actors did a fabulous job. I especially enjoyed the performance of the “Micah” character. I’d love to see more from this authorial collaboration of Lisa Mantchev and Glenn Dallas. Five stars of fun.

Because this book was gifted to me, I’d love to pass it along, as well. Only catch is you have to comment here with another recently released book you’d recommend to me that I haven’t read. So your only cost is a little time to share the bibliophile love. You can check out my Goodreads (although every book I’ve read is not on there, but it gives you a good idea) if you’re wondering if I’ve already read the book you recommend. Then I’ll randomly pick a winner and mail you the audio book, SUGAR SKULLS. Sorry, out of country friends and readers, I can only do U.S. delivery of this fun giveaway. Please comment here — not on social media. Commenting here is your entry to the giveaway.

Please share this post so we can get some good recommendations and picking a winner is as wild a ride as SUGAR SKULLS.

Happy reading and/or listening!

Note:  The audio book was dispatched to an anxious reader back in February 2016. 

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