Day 74-75: Yoga Every Day

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Perfecting one thing…

deer-yoga-card-smallThe last two days, I’m approaching things a little different. I’m seeing if I can get one pose perfect. It is going to be good to focus on one thing for me during the weirdness that is my Yule 2015.

I started working on getting Bird of Paradise pose correct.

Last night and this morning, I’m sore in some weird places.

I also need to get back to meditating every day. My shavasana at the end of my practice is not cutting it to help keep me balanced emotionally. Not surprising given the drama that unfortunately is my holiday this year. However, I’m not going to go into it, because it’s not drama I am causing and I refuse to give energy in that direction. Refuse.

After tomorrow, I’m going to unplug for awhile and make sure tha the time I spent blogging will be on meditation and then re-connecting with my spouse who voiced a need to be closer — that our life was ripping us apart.

I couldn’t agree more.

Till then…



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