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Day 63 & 64: Yoga Every Day

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Done and done…

We had a flood yesterday in our valley. My micro farm is puddley, but we’re basically dry.  Some of my neighbors, not so much.

Photo by Snoqualmie City.
Photo by Snoqualmie City.

Along with the rain we’ve had high winds for days as well.  Therefore, we were without power for most of yesterday. School was cancelled. We have had 10.5″ of rain for the month of December so far. This averages, obviously, to about an inch a day. This follows on the heels of about 16 inches for the month of November according to the Thrasher Micro Farm’s weather station. Bottom Line Up Front:  We’ve had A LOT of rain.

When the power came back on, I was so far behind schedule that I didn’t get an opportunity to blog before sheer exhaustion hit.

I had to do self-directed yoga and have decided I need to invest in some kind of poster for my bedroom for days like yesterday or anytime else I can’t use my phone or television to provide insta-yoga studio instructor.

We started the 30 Days of Winter Salads yesterday with the chopped broccoli and raddichio salad. At the last minute I added some salt-massaged kale. I should have rinsed the kale before adding to the salad. It was too salty for me. Tonight we have Warm Chicken Salad.

The 8th and 9th were so dark here, too, that I can see it’s affecting my motivation. But, I’m counting it good as long as I practice.

I do need to do an assessment if I can reach my stand-up/sit-down without hands goal even better yet. I am noticing that I can do some poses a bit better. Documentation of these facts continues to stymy me. Perhaps after the holidays or while holiday break is happening and family members are home to help.

Today we have a new storm. School is closed again. I have power, but my neighbors do not, which is weird because I do not have a generator. But, I have a honey-do list a mile long to get Yule packages for out-of-town loved ones mailed off and get ready for the big holiday party at my partner’s work.

Yoga practice this morning was Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr. I’m starting to want a thicker yoga mat, too. Do these things wear out? Doesn’t seem like I noticed such a hardness to the floor before today.

Off to find the end of my to-do list!



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  1. That is a helluva lot of rain! I don’t think we even had that much rain with Hurricane Sandy, but a lot of that water was from storm surge.

    Stay dry if you can!

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