Inkster Dispatch: Trying to Kickstart my Steampunk Heart

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As many of you know I’m co-author on an episodic Web fiction, Martius Catalyst.   Those who have been with this story from the beginning understand the tinkering that has gone into make it happen. There have been times when we sputtered and stalled, but we always made adjustments and kept going full steam ahead.  But even the best inventors need some investors. So, Samantha Tiner, my co-author, and I and our new resident artist, Dan Breaux, have offered up a kickstarter to help get our creation off the ground.

At our Kickstarter page, we have a very cool video that gives you some information and a hint at things to come in our series. We certainly hope that you’ll consider helping us to keep it going. Yes, there are some perks for your donation. Part of the project includes creating a chapbook that you can put on the shelf.

What’s Kickstarter you ask? It’s just like it sounds. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that supports independent artists by allowing them to post their projects and allow fans and friends to help support it along the way. Artists set a goal, patrons pledge during the timeframe of their campaign, and money changes hands only if the project reaches or exceeds it original goal when time is up.

It’s up, it’s live and we’re hoping you participate. Read all about what we’re doing via the link below. And stay tuned for the ride.

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