Day 42: Yoga Every Day

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Flooding Habits…


It’s flooding here. This current storm is kicking our butts out here in Twin Peaks. We’ve had nearly 17 inches of rain this month, and more than four inches came today. The winds were averaged at about 22 mph with gusts nearing 40 mph. 

The chickens were NOT impressed.

The ducks, however, were in dabbling heaven.

Snoqualmie Falls (11/17/15). Photo by Jody Sands.

As for yours truly, I realized that six weeks ago I didn’t have the muscle tone I have today. Rather, I realize that I have more energy. I feel calmer (mostly…#LifewithAutism makes that tough), more balanced. I can feel my strength returning.

All due to Yoga.

And it’s a habit now.  The first hour of the day I’m taking care of animals, supervising kids, and getting the day started here at the urban homestead. As soon as that hour is complete, I’m hitting the mat. I’m at the point now where I may even have to increase my work out.

Meanwhile they just sent out an alert for stage 4 flooding here. The waters should crest before midnight. I have my waders. What do you want? I live in the Pacific Northwest in a river valley. My home sits between two forks of said river. We’re kind of used to this. But, I’m lucky to be able to hunker down by the fireplace, write, pet my dog, and practice yoga.

Clearly on day 42, Yoga is the answer.

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