Day 40: Yoga Every Day

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Yoga & Writing...

Yesterday I finished a novel I’ve been working on for three years. I wrote the initial draft three years ago. Then it sat there for about 9 months. Then I threw half of it out and wrote another 30,000 words. Then, I had to edit it. And Again.

ca7e0e8c6e1220ba89eaa89bc921bebfThis in between trying to survive Life with three teens in the house overshadowed by #LifewithAutism and me desperately trying to keep money coming in the way I love:  writing/art/farming.

Yesterday I knew I was close to finishing. So, I started the day with a plan: Write for :45 minutes. Spend :15 on household responsibilities (cleaning, cooking, organizing). What happened was between the two I did :05 of yoga. Stretching the back, the legs, even my hands. It was perfect. I not only powered through and revised the last chapters, I also added 5,000 new words to the manuscript.

But I did finally reach:









And then we popped this baby open.






I may or may not have done the tree pose with the shot glass on my head. If you’ve ever written a novel and then had to tear that raw thing into something you can share with the world, you’ll understand why typing The End was such a great thing.

I will also attest that the few moments of Yoga each hour helped me stay focused and engaged in the goal of finishing and finishing well.


I applaud your tenacity, stick-to-it-iveness, and all around moxie and guts and talent for finishing this project!

Let’s uncork the champagne and bring out the chocolates!!!!

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