Inkster Dispatch: S.S.P. (Otherwise known as the great pimpage)

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And you’ll see a short meme profile on the physical things around in my writing life. Part of the weekly Wednesday “What’s on Your Desk” profile of writers.

This week, I get a little plug. Thanks Sassy Brit!

I found the site somehow by trying to find reviews of another author’s book. The reviews can cheeky and make no apologies and have interesting articles while giving great writing advice. Sound like someone else you know? Okay, maybe I don’t always live the writing advice, but I do know it and share it freely.

Tell me your favorite thing on your writing desk?


I like! Neat site to be featured on. Our desks reveal much, methinks. Which is why there will be no pictures of mine until it’s cleaned up, thereby defeating the purpose =)

Kathleen Gabriel

Since my real computer is on the fritz, my writing desk is my dining room table right now. My favorite thing here is my lovely green Phileas fountain pen, made by Waterman of Paris. I am not a real, true pen snob (I don’t have any collector pens, and have never spent more than $40 for a pen) but I do like to have a pen that has just enough heft to feel substantial, but not enough to be tiring in a long scribble session. A pen that can make even my handwriting look nice. It’s a little strange, maybe, that my current scribble recipient is one of a huge pile of those Top Flight composition books. When it’s full maybe I’ll start using a nice sketchbook. There is probably some deep psychological reason that I insist on a nice pen, but I don’t care so much what I write in.

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