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Day 25: Yoga Every Day

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A real yogi…

Yoda-Yoga-3I’ve been setting directtv to record anything with Yoga in it. I’m getting everything from info-mercials to this great work out I did this morning.

It was billed as “Deliberate Yoga.” The leader of the session was a real honest to goodness yogi from somewhere far east. He did the chanting and the ohms and even sang following every sun salutation. It was great. Yuki howled, too.

My legs are sore tonight from the routine, however. The yogi made me sit for a lengthy time in lotus position preparing for the practice time. Boy can I feel it.

Meanwhile I had to go through the Halloween decorations and costumes and do some more purge. So, I was lifting and bending and shifting all day. Therefore my coffee break yin session was all about the hamstring stretch. Oooh!

e0ec0b5f1a820a32f4235a3d6b3b7400Tonight, I get to delete all the foreign language yoga programs. I didn’t know there would be so many.

What’s your favorite yoga video/dvd/program?



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